Gets the Girl on its First Blog! Or How to Effectively Contact a Blogger, According to a Blogger

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Gets the Girl has finally got some recognition! Lee, over at Knox Road, has been super helpful to us in our quest to figure out how to get bloggers to respond – a trick that is much harder than one might expect. He’s given us advice about how to approach bloggers, what works in a promotional email, and how to keep it real. His tips include (in no particular order):

  • Use the band’s email. Bloggers will be much more likely to respond if they don’t believe they are just part of a big promotional blitz (not that they don’t know that they are, they would just rather not have it flaunted in their face – sort of like your Dad and your smoking pot). Thus, using the band’s email makes it seem more intimate, because it seems like the email is coming from the band or someone really close to the band.
  • Make a reference to the blog – some sort of comment/joke about a post. Make sure it’s intelligent and relevant; just saying “I like the post on XYZ” is worthless, because although bloggers do like having their egos stroked, they are not stupid and can tell when they’re being flattered. Making a real, intelligent comment, however, shows that you do care about what they’re writing about, you have something to say about it, and you respect them as writers/journalists, which is why you’re contacting them. You know, in theory.
  • If you’re not a band member, make it clear who you are – but try and seem less like a “suit” and more like a friend of the band. I was trying to be ambiguous about who I was, because I didn’t think that bloggers would want to respond to a manager, but Lee advised me to emphasize that I am a friend of the band, as well as their manager. Again, this goes back to not wanting the whole thing to feel like a promotional effort. You will get better results if you are personal in all things, including your relation to the band.
  • Make sure the songs you are sending fit the blog’s style/genre, and are the best songs you have. This seems obvious, but it should be emphasized – nothing will get you ignored more easily than sending a song the blogger would never write about, except maybe sending a song that isn’t your best (maybe Coldplay could get away with this, but an unsigned band should always be on their toes and put their best feet forward).

I hope that helps all you other wannabe suits out there (it definitely is helping me). Once again, definitely check out Knox Road’s post on Gets the Girl. I now must go back to my slave job as an Excel Monkey at a Fortune 1000 company. Balls.



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Suits in a Studio!

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Photos from Via Coma practice sesh being posted (yay iPhone!). Will write later.

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Suits drink good beer. I love visiting Chico.

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We’re the suits you want on your side!

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I wish I could wear a suit everywhere, but I barely have enough money to buy beer, much less Armani (and if it’s not Armani, what’s the point?). Still, it’s interesting that we, the business side of the industry, are called suits. Does anyone in the industry, except maybe record execs, actually wear a suit? I might wear a vest if I’m trying to look real clean, but otherwise, jeans and a button-down work just fine, thankyouverymuch.

But I guess I’m a suit – or, rather, a quasi-suit. I still want to be a rock star, but I can’t even hold my own at Guitar Hero. Don’t blame me because my fingers can’t fly over the strings of a bass or my voice can’t hold a note for half a second before breaking. And don’t blame me for wanting to stay near the music – it’s music that has dragged, pushed, kicked, lead, and yanked me through this life, sometimes like an angry friend, sometimes like an eager lover. Either way, I want to stay with it – and so, I’ll be the suit.

The musicians need me anyways.


Gets the Girl: Playing a show August 21st at The Local 269 in New York. If you’re around, please go – the cover won’t be very high, and it will be awesome! They’re also playing at Sullivan Hall in New York on September 3rd. The cover there is $10, but we won’t be the only band and it promises to be a rocking good time. Who knows, maybe Ellis or Allen will take you out for coffee after. The guys are also going to be doing a photo shoot soon, so keep an eye on their blog and their MySpace to see them. And by the way, download their albums from the “About” section. It’s worth the 45 seconds, as those songs grow on you until you can’t help but throw on “Half a Heart” and sing in your worst tenor with your friends while driving down the highway in search of nothing. Finally, if you haven’t seen it, the video for Slow Song is so sweet that you might fall in love just watching it. I suggest you do.

Via Coma: Not officially their managers yet. We’re taking “baby steps”, which, for a band that has been doing everything themselves very passionately for several years now, makes sense – shock therapy is a bad idea. We’ll be treating them as if we are their managers, however, because that’s how we can get them results. They have a show at the famous Slims in San Francisco on August 7th – it’ll be worth your time and McDonalds money to go see them, and not just for the great music or awesome show: these are cool guys all around, and they will love meeting you and talking about music for hours. In the meantime, you should download most of their album (sans a song that they think didn’t recorded well but I think sounds great – Aquanota – which you can listen to on their MySpace) and listen to it. It’s great for lounging, working, drinking, smoking, fucking, and anything else you do while listening to music, because it’s just some powerful shit all around. Like seriously. If you like any of these bands, you’ll like Via Coma: Tool, AFI, Coldplay, Radiohead, Thursday, Brand New, Coheed & Cambria, Muse, A Perfect Circle, and a bunch of others I can’t even think of that you would never guess would work well with the others but do. Go now, and let it be done.

That’s all I got for now, I’m about to get off my slave job (which isn’t that bad at all, but it’s not as awesome as managing) to go celebrate a co-worker’s birthday, go to dinner with my brother and cousin, and then get some work done before heading up to Chico tomorrow to party with my oldest friend and our little brothers, and, potentially, meet another band. Will post soon.


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